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Sabtu, 05 Juli 2008

Flying in Merdeka Square Watampone

I was late posting my nice flying in Merdeka Square Watampone. It was caused by my plenty of duties that should be done. I flew at the end of June.
This square is located in the middle of the city but it is not quite wide to fly a small scale aircraft. Each side has densed tree plants that can make difficulties in maneuvering the "foamy" aircraft.
I tried to rogging first and it looked successful.

The foamy flew smoothly. I had to be careful because the square was too small for the foamy and the risk would happen easily. I made manoeuvrings as number zero and eight. I also made rolling maneuver. It took approximately 20 minutes flying above the square.

After several times maneuvering I was thinking of the battery. Fortunately, the foamy still had more power to fly longer. However, it seemed hard to slope upward. Therefore,I decided to land the foamy as soon as possible. On the other side, the spectators enjoyed watching at the edge of the square. They looked amazed...

Denpasar, 5 July 2008