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Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008

Gatsu Aero Workshop

The wind has blown hard in the last two months in Serangan Island, Bali. Some aeromodellers were not eager to fly their small scale aircraft. At least two aircrafts crashed a couple weeks ago in this island caused by the wind. Consequently, I decided to ‘ground’ my ‘little plane’ to avoid the crash and tried to find another side of aeromodelling activity.

I went to visit Gatsu Model, one of aeromodelling workshops in Denpasar. It takes approximately twenty minutes from my place in Sesetan, the southern part of Denpasar. It was not hard to find it as its location is easy to reach by vehicle. The workshop room is not separated from the owner’ house. This made him easier to manage and work in it all the time.

I saw a classic model aircraft in the workshop. It was nice looking and it seemed that this aircraft model was inspired from World War I. Its fuselage and wings were yellow. It needed four servos in rudder, aileron, elevator, and throttle. It also required four-stroke engine. Hari, the owner, has spent two weeks making this wonderful aircraft.

Denpasar, August 27, 2008

Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

Went to Serangan again

I went to Serangan Island, Bali again after several days break. There were some ‘pilots’ still flying their small scale aircrafts such as helicopter and the fixed wing. Actually, the wind blew very strongly in this island and almost all parts of Bali. It seemed that only kites could be flown nicely.

As the beginner in aeromodelling, I worried about flying the small scale aircraft with strong wind. It needed a particular skill to handle the remote control in order to make the aircraft stable and safe on the air.

One of the scale model flew above Serangan successfully. It was about 20 to 50 meters high above the sea level. It maneuvered to the right and left very fast. It also made rolling and looping maneuver. Nice looking aircraft.

Denpasar, August 11, 2008