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Selasa, 07 Oktober 2008

How to Measure the Motor Wattage

What happen if you want to know the wattage of electric motor then you don’t have particular equipment for measuring this stuff? But don’t worry if you have a scale or weighing machine, this stuff can be used measuring the wattage of electric motor. However, this is not intended to measure as accurate as possible. It means that this effort only tries to reach the approximate value of the electric motor wattage.

The first thing that you have to do is to put the electric motor on the scale and please notice the weigh of the electric motor. For example, the electric motor weigh is 42 grams then x 3 = 120 .Hence, the wattage of the electric motor is approximately 120 watt. If you supply the electric motor more than 120 watt, the motor will be over heating. You can also use some kind of propeller sizes, even in full throttle. But again, you must consider supplying power not exceed 120 watt limit.

Now, we need to know the current limits that can be used in this motor. If you use 11,1 volt of battery it means that battery loading or electrical power is about 10 volt. The wattage of motor is divided to battery loading. Its result is the motor’s electrical current limits. The formula is 120w/10v = 12 amp. Therefore, the current limit that can be used in this motor is 12 ampere. This is the simplest way to measure and to know the limit of the wattage and electrical current in the electric motor.